1940s Hairstyles

A Comprehensive Guide to 1940s Hairstyles: Bridal, Bridesmaid, Everyday Updos, and Modern Inspiration

The 1940s was marked by World War II, and fashion reflected the era's challenges and resilience. Women's hairstyles during this time exuded sophistication, femininity, and practicality. Due to the rationing of products, many hairstyles were designed to conserve resources while still creating stylish looks.

Step back in time to the era of the 1940s, where hairstyles played a significant role in fashion. From elegant bridal and bridesmaid styles to everyday updos and inspiration for the modern working girl, this guide will take you through the most popular 1940s hairstyles and provide historical context to better understand their influence on fashion.

1940s Bridal and Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Victory Rolls: Iconic and romantic, victory rolls were a staple of 1940s hairstyles. These voluminous rolls framing the face added elegance and charm to bridal and bridesmaid looks.
Gibson Roll: A classic updo, the Gibson roll featured a low bun at the nape of the neck, adorned with ribbons or flowers. It exuded a timeless, polished appeal.
Floral Crowns: Inspired by the natural beauty of the era, floral crowns were often worn by brides and bridesmaids. They incorporated blossoms and greenery, creating a whimsical and ethereal look.

Most Popular 40s Everyday Updos

  • Snood: A popular everyday hairstyle, the snood involved gathering the hair into a net or fabric bag at the back of the head. It provided a practical solution for keeping hair neat and secure during wartime work or daily activities.
  • Classic Chignon: The chignon was a sophisticated and versatile updo. It involved twisting and pinning the hair into a low bun, offering an elegant and timeless look suitable for any occasion.
  • Rosie the Riveter Style: Inspired by the iconic wartime symbol, this hairstyle featured a bandana tied around the head, with hair rolled or pinned up in a chic and practical manner.

40s Hair Inspiration for the Modern Working Girl

  • Side-Swept Waves: This style showcased soft, romantic waves cascading to one side. It adds a touch of vintage glamour to the modern working girl's look, suitable for both formal and casual settings.
  • Victory Rolls with a Twist: Give the classic victory rolls a modern twist by incorporating them into a half-up, half-down hairstyle. It combines vintage charm with contemporary flair.
  • Pompadour Updo: This voluminous updo creates a statement look, with the hair teased and styled at the crown for added height. It offers a strong, confident aesthetic for the modern working girl.

Hairstyles from the 1940s remain an enduring source of inspiration, blending elegance and practicality. Whether you're a bride, bridesmaid, or modern working girl, the 1940s offer a wealth of options to enhance your style. Embrace the timeless charm and versatility of these hairstyles, adding a touch of vintage sophistication to your contemporary look.

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