Dark Green Fit and Flare 50s Inspired Bardot Dress Perfect For Hiding Mum Tums!

Best Outfits, Dresses and Jeans When You Hate Your "Mum Tum"

Ladies, let's talk about our fabulous "mum tums"! We've nurtured life, and that's something to be celebrated. But it can be really hard to feel like celebrating something that constantly makes comfort difficult not to mention coming between us and our favourite pair of jeans *sigh*

When it comes to finding the perfect jeans, skirts and dresses there are styles that can work wonders for accentuating our figures and boosting our confidence. 

I was stuck for years in an unhealthy cycle of not wanting to buy myself new clothes because I wasn't happy that I had gone up a dress size. The outcome? 18 months of nothing to wear and feeling rubbish because nothing fit me. If you need to go up a size - even if it's only temporarily - you are worth the investment. Your happiness is more important now that you're a mum - not less!

So without further ado; get ready to rock your postpartum style like never before with these fabulous recommendations! Beginning with:

You Shall Go To The Ball! (Dresses)

  1. The Flawless Fit and Flare: Let's kick things off with the iconic fit and flare dress. This retro beauty cinches at the waist and gracefully flows over the midsection, giving you an instant hourglass figure. Say goodbye to any worries about your mum tum and hello to a twirl-worthy silhouette that exudes femininity and charm. Pair it with a wide belt to accentuate your waist even more and prepare to turn heads wherever you go!

  2. The Enchanting Empire Waist: For a touch of vintage elegance, take a chance on an empire waist dress. This style features a high waistline just below the bust, effortlessly skimming over any areas you may want to conceal. It's a forgiving silhouette that allows you to feel comfortable and chic at the same time. Choose fabrics with a bit of stretch to ensure a perfect fit, and get ready to feel like a graceful goddess in no time.

  3. The Divine Wrap Dress: Oh, the versatile and flattering wrap dress! This 50s-inspired gem is a game-changer for postpartum style. The wrap design allows you to adjust the fit and highlight your assets while cleverly disguising any areas you wish to downplay. It's a magical combination of comfort, elegance, and effortless chic. Pair it with a statement necklace and your favourite heels, and get ready to conquer the world with your newfound confidence.

  4. The Breath-taking Swing Dress: Prepare to twirl into pure bliss with the captivating swing dress. This full-skirted beauty gracefully falls from the natural waist, skimming over the mum tum area with its voluminous silhouette. It's the perfect dress to dance the night away or simply stroll through the park, feeling like a vintage goddess. Play with vibrant prints and bold colours to add a touch of fun and whimsy to your postpartum style.

Best Jeans and Trousers For Postpartum Abdomens

The best jeans for mum tums are those with a higher rise, gently hugging and supporting our midsections without sacrificing comfort. Look for jeans with stretchy fabrics that provide a little extra room for movement. Avoid low-rise styles that can create discomfort and highlight areas we may not want to emphasize (muffin, anyone?) Instead, opt for mid-rise or high-waisted jeans that offer a flattering, smoothing effect. Even if it isn't the style you're used to, it's always best to give something new a try when the styles we've clung to for years no longer work for us. They may do again - one day! But right now let's stay real and try new things.

Tops That Will Bring You Joy

One go-to option is the empire waist top, which cinches just below the bust and flows effortlessly over the tummy area. This style creates an elongated, streamlined silhouette that draws the eye upward, highlighting your beautiful neckline and shoulders. Another fantastic choice is the peplum top, featuring a flared ruffle or fabric at the waistline. This clever design adds volume and movement below the waist, creating a balanced look and drawing attention away from the midsection. Additionally, loose and flowy blouses in lightweight fabrics are a must-have. These tops drape gracefully over the body, offering comfort and a relaxed silhouette that skims over any areas you wish to downplay. Embrace wrap tops that can be adjusted to your desired fit, allowing you to customize the level of coverage and accentuate your assets. Remember, confidence is key, so choose tops that make you feel amazing and celebrate the incredible journey your body has been on. Embrace your postpartum beauty and rock those flattering tops with pride!

Now, here's the key: embrace your unique figure and focus on highlighting your other amazing features! Pair your jeans with flowy blouses or tops that draw attention to your upper body and create a balanced silhouette. Play with accessories like belts to define your waist and draw attention to your beautiful curves. Remember, confidence is the most stunning accessory, so rock those jeans with pride, knowing that you are a strong, beautiful woman who has brought life into this world.


Your postpartum body tells a story of strength and love, and there's nothing more beautiful than that. 

Embrace your postpartum body - you've been through a lot! Love yourself, and let your gorgeous spirit shine through every outfit you wear. 


To summarise:

Now while we embrace our bodies, it's understandable if we prefer certain styles that offer a bit more coverage and create a slimming effect. So, let's steer clear of those tight-fitting bodycon dresses that cling to every curve and draw attention to the midsection. Instead, opt for dresses with structured silhouettes that gently skim over the mum tum area, like fit and flare dresses or empire waist styles. Avoid tops or dresses with horizontal stripes as they can make the midsection appear wider. Instead, go for vertical stripes or solid colours that create a streamlined look.

Say no to low-rise jeans or trousers that can create unwanted muffin tops. Instead, choose mid-rise or high-waisted bottoms that offer support and smooth out any insecurities.

Remember, it's all about finding the styles that make you feel comfortable and confident, so don't be afraid to experiment and discover the outfits that flatter your beautiful postpartum body. You deserve to feel amazing every time you step out the door!


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