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Why We ADORE What Katie Did: The Company That Brought Back Vintage Panties!

So who is Katie? What did she do? And why do we love her here at Lemonie Boutique?

What Katie Did are probably my favourite brand of all time. For two main reasons: Firstly, What Katie Did have dared to go where few others have been before and what they have achieved is a vintage lingerie paradise. There are some wonderful wartime stories seeped in history behind these beautiful pieces. For example, the Map Lingerie set which was inspired by a true story involving a Baroness and her RAF boyfriend who ensured her underwear concealed an escape map… Actually her lingerie WAS the escape map - you should definitely check out that set.

And secondly, the quality. You just do not find this kind of originality and, frankly, ingenuity in design without compromising on quality… Usually. But What Katie Did is not the norm, it is the furthest from “ordinary” you could possibly find. Working from vintage patterns, these beautiful luxury lingerie pieces are designed with modern day comfort and expectations in mind so that you can achieve the perfect vintage look without having to worry about not being able to breathe - or the lingerie having outdated ideas of what women can wear for hours at a time. 

Truthfully, if you want a flawless vintage look the underwear (and especially the bra) is vital. It isn’t just me who says that either! Countless series and films have turned to this wonder-brand for their actors and actresses. 

So if you are looking for a new bra, a beautiful set for a special occasion or to try shapewear for a classic, sleek silhouette - head over to our What Katie Did section and I promise you will not be disappointed! 

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