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Pebble Child

Handmade Crochet Fairtrade Friendly Avocado Rattle

Handmade Crochet Fairtrade Friendly Avocado Rattle

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Good for the body, good for the soul - avocados are known to be a super food but this one can be a super pal too! These toys are suitable for babies to have right from birth and make an adorable gift for expectant parents or newborns. Older children love them too and they look great on shelves as decor! 

Because each one is handmade, every single toy is ever so slightly different meaning that each toy is totally unique. 

Materials and Information:

100% organic cotton 

100% polyester stuffing

This toy has a rattle. 

The Pebble Story

Each and every one of these beautiful toys are lovingly hand crocheted by destitute women in rural Bangladesh, who need sustainable employment in order to have a better quality of life. The production is fair trade and the materials made are exceptionally high quality. The yarn used is organic, and feels soft enough for even very tiny babies. We especially recommend the octopus toys as babies grab the tentacles and are reminded of the safety of their mother’s womb where they play with their umbilical cord! 

Babies are amazing and so is this company and all the wonderful women behind it who put their skills and care into these delightful toys. 

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