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What Katie Did

Luna Waspie Short Corset by What Katie Did

Luna Waspie Short Corset by What Katie Did

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The Luna Short Corset L4087 by What Katie Did

Experience dramatic curves with the Luna Short Corset – the perfect choice for those seeking dramatic curves in a shorter waspie style. This short corset complements most body types, enhancing your natural beauty while providing a unique touch.


    • Dramatic Curves: Designed to give you dramatic curves, the Luna Short Corset accentuates your figure and can be paired beautifully with full skirts and dresses for a stunning look. Please note that it may emphasize the lower stomach area, so works better for those with a slender physique or when worn with retro full skirted outfits.

    • Back Support: With a higher back design, this corset seamlessly meets your bra band, helping eliminate any concerns about back squidge. It offers both style and support.

    • Versatile Wear: Suitable for daily waist training or occasional wear, this corset fits the majority of body shapes, making it a versatile addition to your collection.

    • Quality Materials: Crafted from 100% polyester matte satin, bonded to 100% cotton, and featuring a baby pink cotton lining, our corsets prioritize comfort and style. An internal cotton waist tape ensures a secure fit. A modesty panel is available for purchase separately.

    • Construction: The Luna Short Corset features a spring steel busk, with a steel flat bone placed next to the busk and flat bones on either side of the two-piece lacing eyelets. It's built to last and provide the support you need.

    • Ethical Production: Crafted with care and ethical considerations in mind, the Luna Short Corset is proudly made in Thailand. 


    • The rib and hip are measured approx. 3" up and down from the waist. 

      Luna Corset Waist Size Rib  Hip
      18" 20.75" / 52.5cm 24.5" / 62.25cm
      20" 22.75" / 57.5cm 26.5" / 67.5cm
      22" 24.75" / 63cm 28.5" /72.5cm
      24" 26.75" / 68cm 30.5" / 77.5cm
      26" 28.75" / 73cm 32.5" / 82.5 cm
      28" 30.75" / 78cm 34.5" / 87.5cm
      30" 32.75" / 83cm 36.5" / 92.7cm
      32" 34.75" / 88cm 38.5" / 97.8cm
      34" 36.75" / 93cm 40.5" / 103cm



      It is important to check the length of your torso to ensure that the bottom of your corset doesn’t dig into your thighs or breasts when sitting.

      Busk Length 8" / 20cm
      Centre Back Length 10" / 24.5cm
      Under bust to Hip (Princess) 6.5" / 17cm
      Side Length from Waist to Top 3" / 8cm
      Side Length from Waist to Bottom 3" / 8cm

      Selecting the ideal corset isn't solely about your waist size. It involves your measurements, your muscle/fat ratio, and your familiarity with wearing corsets. To determine your perfect fit, refer to the measurements provided for all What Katie Did corsets. Should you encounter any difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to us; we're here to assist you every step of the way.

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