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Seamed Stockings Nutmeg Glamour H2054

Seamed Stockings Nutmeg Glamour H2054

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* If plain black is too much, then why not try our striking Contrast Black Seamed Stockings to stand out from the vintage crowd?

* Sheer nutmeg leg with with a pure black seam, point heel and wide, retro style welt (top)

* Tip - the neutral coloured leg disguises any little hitches meaning you get a lot more wear than with plain black seamed stockings. Perfect for if you're thrifty, but love black seams.

* Lighter skin tone? Try our Champagne/Black variant instead

Why You’ll Love Them:

Our nutmeg with black seam stockings are one of our most popular styles and it's easy to see why. Our Glamour nylons feature a generous welt which not only looks more authentically vintage, but is amazingly comfortable on curvier thighs.

Plain black seamed stockings remain iconic, but a black seam on a neutral leg is extremely versatile and, dare we say it, thrifty. The neutral leg disguises any hitches you might get after a few wears which means unlike black stockings which show every tiny defect, you can wear these nylons until the very end yet still looked perfectly polished.

Size and Fit

  • If you are new to sheer hosiery please be aware that your nylons need to be worn, washed and stored with care to keep them looking perfect for as long as possible. For wear and care tips please check out our 'All About Stockings' page.

    * Designed to fit up to a UK dress size 18, up to 29" thighs

    * Sheer 15 denier nylon

    * Wide, stretchy welt

    * 87% Nylon, 10% Elastane, 3% Polypropylene

    * Made in Italy


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