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Jywal London

Tabitha Black/Blue Midi Embellished Flapper Dress by Jywal London

Tabitha Black/Blue Midi Embellished Flapper Dress by Jywal London

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Introducing the Tabitha Black Midi Embellished Flapper Dress: A Tribute to Elegance by Jywal London

Exclusivity Redefined

Elevate your presence and captivate the room with the meticulously crafted Tabitha Black Flapper Dress, a remarkable homage to the opulent 1920s era. This dress is a testament to your appreciation of beauty, detail, and timelessness.

Key Attributes:

  • An Aristocratic Aura: Stand out in unparalleled sophistication with this 1920s Great Gatsby-inspired masterpiece, meticulously handcrafted to embody the elegance and grace of a bygone era.

  • Dazzling Sequins and Beads: Adorned with an exquisite blend of grey and blue sequins and beads, this dress exudes opulence, evoking the essence of vintage charm.

  • Elegance in Sleeves: With its long sleeves, the dress exudes grace and offers an impeccable choice for the grandeur of the party season.

  • Timeless Glamour: The dress pays homage to the Great Gatsby era, delivering a lavish, vintage, and glamorous style statement that is both captivating and enduring.


  • Opulent Fabric: Crafted from premium polyester meticulously adorned with intricate embellishments.

  • Sleeveless Sophistication: The dress embodies grace and refinement with its sleeveless design, accentuating your impeccable style.

  • Maintenance: To uphold its beauty and elegance, entrust the dress to dry cleaning or give it the gentle care of a hand wash.

The Tabitha Black Midi Embellished Flapper Dress is an epitome of timeless glamour. It's designed to meet the expectations of individuals who recognize and demand nothing but the most exquisite.


S    Length 108 cm, Bust 80 cm, Waist 72 cm
  Length 108 cm, Bust 84 cm, Waist 76 cm
L    Length 108 cm, Bust 88 cm, Waist 80 cm
XL Length 108 cm, Bust 92 cm, Waist 84 cm

XXL Length 108 cm, Bust 96 cm, Waist 88 cm

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